Charlotte & Elisabeth – Explicit Songs




Charlotte & Elisabeth’s second album showcases English chansons by composers like Jacques Brel, Berthold Brecht, Tom Lehrer and more contemporary writers, such as Molly Lewis. While not all of these songs are sad, scandalous or sinister, Charlotte & Elisabeth seem to like those the best. This is why they decided to dress a handful of them in a new, very reduced musical dress.

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On this CD:
Sex is a wonderful habit (Kreisler)
I hold your hand in mine (Lehrer)
I love you like an alcoholic (The Taxpayers)
Our American Cousin (Lewis)
Masochism Tango (Lehrer)
Pirate Jenny (Brecht)
Ballad of the drowned girl (Brecht)
Ballad of the Pimp (Brecht)
Don’t go away (Brel)
Is that all there is (Leiber, Stoller)
Please shoot your husband (Kreisler)